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We decipher immune cell functions and fibrosis:

From basic science to the clinic !

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Recent Publications

  • IL-3 promotes the development of experimental autoimmune encephalitis
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  • IL-3 contributes to development of lupus nephritis in MRL/lpr mice

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  • Basophils trigger fibroblast activation in cardiac allograft fibrosis development

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  • Basophils control T cell Responses and limit Disease Activity in Experimental Murine Colitis

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  • B-cell inhibition by cross-linking CD79b is superior to B-cell depletion with anti-CD20 antibodies in treating murine collagen-induced arthritis

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Our Team

  • MM
    Matthias Mack

    Principal Investigator

  • Kerstin Renner

    Assistant Physician

  • SBSimone Buchtler
    Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Saidou Balam

    Post Doctoral Fellow

  • Gabriela Schiechl

    Post Doctoral Fellow


About Us

We are working on the role of basophils in immunoregulation, role of chemokine receptors in inflammation, role of fibrocytes in renal fibrosis, generation of humanized mAbs for treatment for treatment of patients, etc.

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